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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Great topic, Phil. And one that's crossed MY mind before when reading posts here. Hermann, MO and now Key Largo both stand out as examples. I plan to get certified in the off season and I've wondered recently if being a CBJ at an event would exclude me from visiting with Brethren friends. It's funny that it's officially come up now.

My take on it is very similar to Tim's. Being in the marketing field, I am well aware of and agree with the fact that perception is truth. It is truth in the minds of the perceivers. That's really all that matters. It doesn't matter if we're totally on the up and up and fair about our judging... if someone complains or makes accusatory remarks, the damage is done. Therefore, perception does become truth.

After getting everyone's input, I think that we need to put forth some official statement or Brethren policy that we can all agree upon to keep such issues from ever arising (hopefully). I like Tim's personal stance and how he plans to operate. It makes a lot of sense to me and once I'm certified, I plan to implement a similar approach. In our marketing at work, we strive to under promise and over deliver... basically to go beyond what we even claim we will. It's all about holding ourselves to a higher standard and I think the same thing could and should apply in this situation.

Looking forward to hearing more comments on this subect! As Kevin says, the fact that we're even discussing it shows integrity! Lots of it.
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