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I can understand what you said and what other people may have "percieved" but it is a blind judging contest. When you sit down at the judges table you can't know whose food you are tasting.

If i just want to cook or taste BBQ I can do that at home. I think most of us go to the competitions to either cook or judge for one reason...... to have a great time and meet like minded people. Whether I am cooking or judging I want to ba able walk around and say hello to old frinds and make new friends. I would think that 99.99% of people will put their judges cap on when they walk into the judges tent and leave their families and friends behind. If a very small percentage of people think that someone who is judging should park their car and sit in the judges tent then I think they should reevaluate why they compete. It can't be for the money. If I am judging an event and you tell me I can't interact then I really don't want to drive somewhere to eat BBQ that I could have had at home.

You will never be able to please 100% of the people. When we competed this year I never even looked in the judges tent to see who was judging.

I can understand the perception of impropriety but if people start complaining about it, I would rather stay at home.


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