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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
This cook starts simple enough, with some short ribs that were dry brined for 3 hours and smoked until the internal was 150°

Meanwhile a consomé is prepared which is used to braise the ribs. Chilies are soaked, then combined with the other ingredients and eventually the whole works is blended into a paste.

The consomé can be eaten as a soup, it's a great hangover cure.... or in this case it is used when frying the tortillas and then used as a dipping sauce for the Birria Questacos. After the chiles and spices are cooked and blended everything goes into a roaster for 3 or 4 hours until the meat is very tender.

The procedure is very simple, the consomé and pulled meat is warmed and held on the side. Also needed is some melting cheese, onion and cilantro.

Dip your tortillas, and let them start frying on an oiled surface. After about 2 minutes add some cheese, add some meat, then fold one side of the taco over and once the cheese is melty and you get some char.... you are there!

At the table, add onion, cilantro and lime juice if you like (the cheese is on the bottom so the taco will open). Dip the taco in the consomé as you eat it. The Birria Questacos are similar to a quesadilla only soft with a little crunch. The consume has a mild flavor, and the overall taste of the taco is similar to a tamale except that the char wakes up the corn tortilla.

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