speed passion

Speed Passion SC body shells

Speed Passion introduces two new body shells for shourt course trucks.  The Ananta named body is available in two variants as 50 percent pre-decorated and also as clear variant. Continue reading

Team Durango DESC210 ‘RACE READY’ RTR

The DESC210 Race Ready RTR from Team Durango is an out-of-the box racing Short Course truck. World Champions Team Durango are Serious About Racing and now, after months of development and testing, we are proud to bring you our Race Ready RTR 2WD off-road SC truck.

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1/10 Competition MMM series 3.5R Brushless Motor

Speed Passion is proud to present the all new MMM V3 Competition motor series.
MMM simply means More torque, More power and More speed. It is based of the well
success V3.0 Competition Motor Series that took the World Championship by the
storm in 2010 and many other winning records thru out the world. And we have
gather all these winning information, plus drivers experience and going one step
further, in order to achieve a higher expectation. And because of our effort,
which allow us to develope a better motor to meet the new racing environment and
going forward to provide better and faster motor to our customer and racer all
over the world.


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