AKA Rebar SC Tires (Handout tire at 2011 ROAR Nationals!)

AKA is proud to announce the release of the 1:10 REBAR SC tire.

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Appearance standards for ROAR Nationals

ROAR sets an appearance standard for bodies in some classes including Short Course.

“competitors entered in full-bodied classes (e.g. Touring, Short Course, Truck,
On-road, etc.) run bodies that have at least a minimum level of
headlight, grille and taillight decals or painted representations on all
bodies where applicable.”

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ROAR 550 4X4 Short Course Motor Specifications

ROAR announces brushless motor specifications for the 4×4 short course class.

Please note that these are specifications for 550 motors that are only legal in the 4X4 Short Course Category.

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