Novak engineers have taken the proven Ballistic platform to the next level with the Vulcan line of brushless racing motors. New stator, new endbells, and fresh rotor options give racers and power-hungry bashers the ultimate choice for performance brushless motors. Continue reading

Novak Vented Ballistic 550 Brushless Motor- 4.5T

4×4 Short Course racing pushes the limits of your equipment. To combat the
high temps and demands of the modern 4×4 Short Course race day, Novak is introducing the Vented
Ballistic 550 Brushless Motor- 4.5T (#3504V). This is the same motor that has been powering drivers to the
top of short course podiums across the racing world, but with the added value and performance of Novak’s
vented end bells. The vents allow the motor to release the hot air which reduces the motor’s operating
temperature and increases the motor’s overall performance.
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Novak Ballistic 550 High Torque Motor

Novak is introducing a high-torque version of its popular Ballistic 550 motor. The Ballistic 550 Hi-Torque Brushless Motor – 4.5T (#3514) includes Novak’s larger diameter 14 mm Tuning Rotor (#5949) for a higher temperature threshold, higher torque, and lower Kv.… Continue reading