Atomik Red Sensored 120A ESC / 550 7.5T Brushless Motor Combo

Atomik RC is proud to offer a new standard in power, performance, and reliability with the new Atomik Red 120 Amp Sensored Brushless ESC with 550 7.5T Sensored Brushless Motor Combo. This sensor-based brushless combo is designed for the rigors of electric 1/10th vehicles including 4WD short course trucks and rock crawlers. Continue reading

1/10 Competition MMM series 3.5R Brushless Motor

Speed Passion is proud to present the all new MMM V3 Competition motor series.
MMM simply means More torque, More power and More speed. It is based of the well
success V3.0 Competition Motor Series that took the World Championship by the
storm in 2010 and many other winning records thru out the world. And we have
gather all these winning information, plus drivers experience and going one step
further, in order to achieve a higher expectation. And because of our effort,
which allow us to develope a better motor to meet the new racing environment and
going forward to provide better and faster motor to our customer and racer all
over the world.


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All New Vector X-12L Short Course 550 Modified Motors!

New motor added to the line-up: the Vector X12L 5.0T 550 Short Course motor

LRP’s revolutionary Vector X-12 brushless motors have set new benchmarks in electric motor performance and have quickly become the motor to beat for high-level racing competition!

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Novak Ballistic 550 High Torque Motor

Novak is introducing a high-torque version of its popular Ballistic 550 motor. The Ballistic 550 Hi-Torque Brushless Motor – 4.5T (#3514) includes Novak’s larger diameter 14 mm Tuning Rotor (#5949) for a higher temperature threshold, higher torque, and lower Kv.… Continue reading