HPI Baja 5T

HB Beams SC Tire

HB Beams tires are suitable for hard & dry off-road surfaces such as hard-packed clay and 'blue groove' high bite conditions. These tires also work great on indoor tracks.

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Norcal Hobbies 1/10 & 1/5 scale SC Racing live 05/08/10

Norcal_hobbiesWatch the 1/1o scale and 1/5 scale off road SCT racing at NorCal Hobbies today here on RCSC. Races start at 10:30 am PST.

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Norcal Hobbies Off road SC Racing 11-14-09

Norcal_hobbiesWatch the off road SCT racing at NorCal Hobbies today here on RCSC. Races start at 12 noon am PST.

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Darksoul Racing releases new Baja 5T/5B shock shafts & rod ends

For those of you with a Baja 5T, one thing that is a constant PITA for most of us is broken shock rod ends. The T weighs in several pounds heavier than the buggy, but still utilizes the same suspension components, so….. some stronger bits are in order.

The first is the shock shafts with aluminum rod ends. This unique aluminum rod end is a 4 piece design consisting of the aluminum housing and a rubber bushing with 2 aluminum flanged spacers to allow for misalignment of the shock through it’s articulation. This system is very strong, so no more broken off shock ends, but will require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure proper performance, however, the rod end is completely, and inexpensively rebuildable. Continue reading

LIVE! Thunder Valley 5th scale season finally race Oct 3rd, 2009

Watch live here on RCSC the last race of the 5th scale series at Thunder Valley tomorrow. Races start at 10 am PST. Ted and I are on our way up to Thunder Valley right now, I will be testing the connection when we arrive and will broadcast the practice sessions today.

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