AKA short course tire lineup get an update

AKA has officially announced that their short course tire line just got wider. After the release of the Handlebar on the new wider carcass, they now have the Enduro 2, Cityblock 2, Handlebar STD and Wishbone 2, all on the… Continue reading

AKA Handlebar SC Tire

The Handlebar is an indoor low-profile tread patterns feature minimal tread height for speed, stability and traction on hard-packed surfaces. The leading and trailing edges of the treads have been rounded to minimize break-in time while AKA’s proprietary compounds provide low tire wear. Continue reading

AKA Rebar SC Tires (Handout tire at 2011 ROAR Nationals!)

AKA is proud to announce the release of the 1:10 REBAR SC tire.

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