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Team Losi Racing – 22SCT – Ready to Compete

The new Team Losi Racing 22 SCT RTC is Ready To Compete right out of the box. Never before has it been quite so easy to join in with the popular 2WD SCT race class and to hit the track running than with the new TLR 22SCT RTC. Mechanically identical to the Team Losi Racing 22 SCT kit when built in Rear-Motor guise but with the inclusion of the popular fluid fillable geared differential rather than the adjustable ball differential, the 22 SCT RTC has all of the pedigree to win whilst being tough enough to take the knocks whilst you’re scaling the ladder towards the top in this thrilling form of close action RC off-road racing.

The legendary strength and robustness of the Team Losi Racing 22 platform is married to an electronics package that includes a powerful, extra high-torque steering servo, the ultra micro SR3520 DSM2 3 channel Spektrum receiver and the Spektrum DX2L Steerwheel Transmitter. Dynamite takes care of the power system with the inclusion of the BRCA legal 17.5T sensored Dynamite Platinum brushless motor which is controlled by the new Dynamite Platinum Electronic Speed Controller that features both a zero-timing ‘Blinky’ mode for control class racing and a more powerful timing mode that can extract more power from the motor where racing classes permit it.


Unlike other RTR vehicles, the TLR 22SCT RTC shares the exact same components as the (r)evolutionary 22SCT kit before it. That means that you get the same 7075 hard-anodized aluminium alloy chassis plate, a full compliment of ball races throughout, the same silky-smooth big-bore alloy threaded body shock absorbers with their alloy bleeder caps and the same proprietary ultra-strong plastics throughout the truck. Using the same already proven parts not only means that the 22SCT RTC is one tough cookie but it also means that should anything happen, spares are easily obtained through our nationwide network of TLR and Horizon stockists.

Even the TLR High-Performance SCT bodyshell is included in the 22SCT RTC and which comes pre-printed in a striking three-colour livery to match the wheel discs and which gives this SCT real pro-class appeal.

More information can be found HERE…