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Team Durango DESC410R 4X4 Short Course Truck


The DESC410R from Team Durango is a truly race-bred 4WD Short Course truck.
We have taken the fastest elements from our ground-breaking DEX410 buggy, added some new trick designs and components, and created the most race-focused SC truck available.

New FAT Big Bore Shocks

The Big Bore shocks, which come as standard on the DESC410R, are not just big, they are FAT! These bad boys will keep your truck feeling glued to the track and, when you’re landing hard and heavy off monster jumps, they’ll absorb all the energy, all the power, all the punishment you can give them, time and time again.

Designed specifically for 550 Size Motors

4WD SC racing is taking electric racing to a new level. These trucks have to be tough, strong and hard to survive. They need lots of power to get rolling and lots of power to stop. The DESC410R has been designed around 550 sized brushless motors. 4WD Short Course racing needs 550 motors – 540 just doesn’t cut it any more. We have designed our truck so that the longer 550 motor sits with perfect weight balance in the super-tough chassis.

New 2.5mm Super Strong Chassis

Short Course racing trucks need beefed-up chassis. The chassis on the DESC410R is a 2.5mm thick aluminium plate strengthened with 2.0mm thick aluminium side rails. Sandwiched between the aluminium are three-part composite side-rail walls. The combination of precise design and high-quality materials means that the torsional strength of the DESC410R is second to none.

New Convertible Slipper/ Oil Filled Differential

Because so much power and torque from the 550 motors is being delivered to the Team Durango race-winning, shaft-driven, geared-diff drivetrain, our designers have created a slipper clutch which can be transformed into an oil-filled differential. Simply by removing the centre diff locker nut and adding diff gears (available separately), you can control how power is delivered to the drivetrain by fine-tuning the slipper clutch and centre diff.

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