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MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Kit, TLR SCTE 2.0, Losi SCTE #13205

It’s long been known that suspension is critical for a vehicle’s handling on a track, but the internals of these shocks are often accepted blindly and stuck in old technology. Based on Full-Scale Valve Technology, this innovative MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Kit was designed and developed by the MIP racing and engineering team. The kit will elevate your suspension efficiency to a level that can be felt on the track and more importantly result in lower lap times. Instead of having the oil in your shocks react the same way in both compression and rebound, you can now tune those characteristics with MIP’s Piston in conjunction with MIP’s Valves (.003, .005, .007, .010) to produce favorable characteristics on the track. Keep in mind that since any piston is an object moving through a liquid, hydrodynamics can not be ignored. So if you are stuck in the ‘ol 2-hole, 3-hole, 1.6mm, yada yada days of standard pistons, now might be the time to evolve your ride with MIP Bypass1™ piston technology.  


Specifically designed for TLR SCTE 2.0 based vehicles, tuning will reveal that there are infinite combinations and possibilities that the MIP Bypass1™ Team Tuned Kit provides. Typical to MIP products, quality is top notch and manufactured right here in the USA! Only bearing grade plastics are used for the pistons that were subjected to an exhausting series of dyno testing and on-track 1st place results. In fact the MIP Factory Team has over 20+ 1st Place wins at major events across the country in the SC 4×4 Class.   Specifically tailored to handle a spectrum of race conditions.  RealShocks.com. MIPonline.com.  Patents-pending USA and abroad.

More information can be found HERE…