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JConcepts Champion winglets for Hi-Flow SCT body

A very popular replacement item or upgrade to any SCT vehicle is the name and number plates winglets. During the 2012 ROAR Nationals, Ryan Maifield utilized a prototype name plate on the already championship winning Hi-Flow body to improve performance. The extended rear name plate offers increased stability during cornering and also improves the straight-line tracking ability. Included in each package is a complete championship name and number plate winglet set, Hi-Flow decal sheet and mounting hardware. More information can be found HERE…

2 Responses to JConcepts Champion winglets for Hi-Flow SCT body

  • OTE_TheMissile says:

    This is a joke, right?

  • jsmoov11 says:

    no way i would pay 12 bucks for 4 little pieces of plastic . maybe 5 bucks with the mounting hardwear is more exceptable. companys need to stop trying to kill the hobby by over pricing their products . no reason a body need to cost 20 to 40 dollars clear when it costs less than 5 to make it .

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