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HPI Adur Short Course Challenge

Check out UK's premier Short Course Race sponsored by HPI.

The Event

12th. September 2010
08.00 – Gates open for practice
09.00 – Booking in open (Although to help us gauge numbers/heats then
please use the online booking in)
09.30 – Drivers Briefing
10.00 – First Heat


The Track Shop

Apex Models will be in attendance with a well stocked selection of mostly Short Course orientated spares, supplies and accessories on the day.

The Coverage

Full coverage of the event will be both online and within Racer Magazine as soon after the event as is possible.

The Race Format

4 rounds of heats and a final for all.

First round of heats will be determined by the self certification of ability when booking in. This is solely there to help us arrange the first round of heat listings, after that, the listings will be arrange from fastest to slowest on the day.

Each Heat will be a maximum of 10 Drivers.

All Heats and finals will be a grid start.

Each heat will run for 5 Laps as a guideline minimum, if all have enough battery capacity on the day to do more, then we'll certainly be looking to extend this to give more track time for all.

The track layout will be changed for each round of heats to add variety/challenge!

After all heats from Round 1 are complete, the times will be used to form a new heat listing, fastest to slowest, again chopped into heats of no more than 10 drivers.

After all subsequent Rounds of heats are complete, the cumulative fastest times from all heats will determine the new heat listing for the
following round.

After all 4 rounds, there will be a set of times cumulative for the day showing who has been consistently the fastest throughout, this will form the Finals heat listing.
Finals will be run with slowest finals run first, ending in the fastest set of drivers final.
This format will hopefully encourage consistent competition throughout the 'Round' phase of the day and give a running indication of who's getting better/worse, etc.

The Grid starts suit electric and the 5 lap completion should again encourage racing against each other rather than just the clock.

The only way to get into the 'A' final will be to run fast and consistent ALL day.
*The Prizes (Very generously supplied by HPI Racing)*
1st. 2WD SC Prize – HPI Blitz ESE Kit

2nd. 2WD SC Prize – HPI Blitz RTR (Hire'n'Drive kit)

3rd. 2WD Prize – HPI Short Course truck goodies bundle (Tyres, bodies,

1st. 4WD SC Prize – HPI Blitz RTR Kit 

2nd. 4WD SC Prize – HPI Blitz RTR (Hire'n'Drive kit) 

3rd. 4WD Prize – HPI Short Course truck goodies bundle (Tyres, bodies,

Other prizes/raffle/BBQ to be confirmed nearer the event.

The Rules

The event is meant to be a one-off fun day and will hopefully attract a lot of casual and new racing interest, If you have any questions then do ask beforehand by posting up on the Adur RC off road forum area, or on the day ask one of the team who will make themselves known. All drivers must have BRCA insurance unless they have never raced before, they will need to either show their BRCA card or declare this on the day, it is down to the Race director's decision as to whether you race or not (This is for our insurance, so please understand).We will have Handout transponders available on the day for use without charge, please ensure they are returned to the charging rack immediately after your heat for others to use and look after it as if it was yours. They cost a lot of money!
1/10 scale Short Course trucks only, they can be electric or nitro, but any nitro's will be expected to be ready when the electrics are on the grid. Any nitro Short Course Trucks will race in with the electric trucks. All vehicles must be an original 1/10 Short Course kit, no converted 1/8 buggies, etc.!2WD and 4WD Short Course will be separate. No electric motor limit. Batterylimited to 8 cell Nimh or 2 cell Lipo packs (Capacity will need to be enough for roughly 5-7 minutes or more). Wheels and Tyres must be Short Course 1/10 sizes, no 1/8 buggy wheels/tyres used with conversions. All trucks must be fitted with a Short course body shell. Cost for the full day's racing will be £10 per driver to be paid by cash on the day to the race director.

The Weather

Clearly this event is to an extent 'weather permitting'. As such we will post up onto the main Adur RC website home page a definite Running or Cancelled statement that will be decided the day before, 11th. September at 18.00. Please check this before travelling.

HPI Hire'n'Drive

 HPI Racing have very generously agreed to provide 2 x HPI Blitz RTR trucks on the day for use by those without their own Short Course truck to join in the fun and have a go! These can be hired on a full day basis for £30 plus race fees at booking in time, or if available after that time. Car and transmitter along with all supplied batteries must be returned immediately after use on the day.
No refunds if they are broken during use and cannot continue. Main car battery/s and charger must be supplied by the person hiring (7.2v NIMH pack of capacity of 3000mah or higher would be ideal). The 2 Hire'n'Drive kits will be given away as prizes at the end of the day as above.