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Thread: Noisy driveline

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Default Noisy driveline

I got a 4wd slash some weeks ago and want to ask:
Is it normal that the driveline is very noisy? It is hard to describe, but its like a rattling noise. When I disengage the gears (motor/spur) the noise is not so signifikant. There is nothing wrong with the motor and the noise is the same with both motors i've tried (VXL and Turnigy Mach3).
Any ideas what to look for - or do I simply have to accept the noise?
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Could be a bad bearing, diff, diff housing. Have you pulled it apart and cleaned bearings?
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Its a noisy driveline, period. It takes some work to get it half way quiet. The rattle you hear may be the aluminum drive shaft slopping around a little while under power. You could also open up the diff housing and put some lithium grease on the ring gear. But yes, you want to mainly check and clean all the bearings, especially the motor mount which will fail on a regular basis. A fix to this is to get a better bearing like a ceramic, or go with a new setup like the KingHeadz mount/bearing kit.
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Thanks for the answers.
I've checked for alu motormounts and there are several on the market. Some have included bigger bearing, some not (The one mentioned above/HotRacing/STRC/Golden Horizon/Traxxas/+++++). Some er expensive some less expensive.
Which one is reccomended (type/brand)?
(Probably a stupid question as I will get answers pointing towards one and every mount on the marked depending on what people are using ....)
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You might want to try shimming the rear diff bearings. There is a write up somewhere but I can't seem to find it. Take some thin cardboard (I used cardboard from a 12 pack). Cut 2 small rectangle pieces and glue them into the rear diff housing where the bearings seat. Replace rear diff cover. I'm guessing it is a backlash issue with the ring and pinion? I couldn't see an easy way to shim the pinion. Hope this helps.
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