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Thread: losi 22sct vs ta sc10.2

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Default losi 22sct vs ta sc10.2

which is the king right now? the losi is my fav but i love TA customer service. thanks.
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Default Re: losi 22sct vs ta sc10.2

Can't go wrong with either. Its hard to say which is the king since they both win races nationwide and its more of a "who is the best driver thing".

If the Losi is your favorite, go with Losi. I enjoy my 22sct but would have no issues running a sc10.2. I chose the Losi because the design fits my style a little better.
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Default Re: losi 22sct vs ta sc10.2

apples to oranges. they are both great, some people just naturally prefer one over the other.

losi has nice options, but the associated has dominated at ROAR. each can be "king" in the right hands. from the driving i have done, the only way i could pick one over the other is the fact that recently i have seen quality issues with the ta products, and customer service is becoming inconcistant(sometimes they are really helpful, other times they just overlook your issues, and negelect to help you, the customer who buys their products, to get your truck working.)

i was slightly ae biassed for a time, but like i stated, due to recent issues i have had to spend more time looking into the trucks and what options they have that will benefit me as a driver, and less about who makes it. too bad more people dont do that, i have had to many people biased towards one company or anther misleading myself or other drivers.

Look at the kits, weigh your options, check to see which best fits your budget (should you have a budget), and which looks like it will be the better fit for you. with two even trucks, it is not as simple as recomending one over the other, especially when i struggle to place one above the other after months of research on the 22, and years of experience with the ae sc10.
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Default Re: losi 22sct vs ta sc10.2

I know your talking 2WD trucks here, but my grandson and I are new to this and we've been wrapped up in the Losi SCTE we've been building. But I just have to say that once this one is done I'm getting a 22 buggy for me. Not only is Losi quality top shelf...That 22 buggy is flat out sexy.

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Being that associated is now owned by another, I'm starting to see Losi's 22 platform dominate. Can't wait to get a Tekno 2wd out there. If I was to get into 2wd, it be a TLR22 for sure. Anxious to see the up coming months unfold.

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