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Thread: getting it back off of the shelf...

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Default getting it back off of the shelf...

I am trying to get my MTT back up and going. It's been on a shelf for the past 2 years with a dead motor. I bought a new stock motor last week and installed it, how ever I cant get the tranny gears to mesh up right. I keep rotating the motor around to try to get it tighter, but it doesn't seem like it makes any difference. I've tried about 4 times. This last time I did it, it felt good in my hands, but once I put it in the truck and set it on the ground and put power to it, *zzzzzzzzzzzzz* and no movement! I started reading up on it this morning and realized that there is a sight hole on the plastic cover to help align the gears (should have used that, my bad), and also I have been reading that he slippers are bad about going out. The 87T gear looked ok, it has some wear and a groove in it, but over all looks good. I am a total noob at rc and barely know what I am doing.

Where is the best place to buy the stock slipper and stock gears for tranny, or at least direct replacements. After this issue is fixed I am going to keep using this thread for other stuff, because I have some slop in the suspension that I am going to need advice on fixing, but I want to get this thing fixed first.

pic for the heck of it...
Click the image to open in full size.
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Default Re: getting it back off of the shelf...

So, I tore it down one last time and got the gear mesh perfect. I had to adjust the small gear (23 tooth I believe, it's stock) in closer to the motor to get more of the gear surface area to contact. I also adjusted the motor tighter, I turned the motor until it was tight then backed it off just a little.

I put it all back together and everything seemed good on the table. I put it on the ground and it moved, but the slipper clutch was SQUEEEEELING like crazy and it wasn't moving very fast.

I remember in the past the slipper made some noise, but not as bad as it does now. I ordered new slipper pads and new 87T gear and I will see what that does.

I also went ahead and ordered a new ESC, just a stock replacement. The one I have now it has seen its better days.
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Default Re: getting it back off of the shelf...

Did you try tightening the slipper?
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Default Re: getting it back off of the shelf...

I finally dialed in where my issue was. The slippers are loose. Simple fix right, would be if I wasn't missing a part. I tried to adjust the slipper by running the nut up on the front driveshat that squishes the friction pads on the slippers. I tightened it until it locked up the nut, but still didn't tighten the slipper clutch. I then realized that there has to be something missing, because no matter how tight I make that nut it doesn't seem to tighten the clutch up.
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Yea that slipper is why now is shelved. No matter how tight I got it it would loosen up and slip after a few minutes. I think a slash tranny is the only real fix. Bit I've spent too much time on it

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