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Thread: Fastest/Best brushed motor!?

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I have never used any of those, but I have seen some in action. I know the titan 12t works good, not as good as a VXL but it holds up. The HPI that comes in the blitz I here is crap, most or all I have seen go brusless real fast. the Reedy 17t is a good motor, been around 20 years or so, but I have never seen it in a SCT but I think its the one they put in the brushed version, that would be a good choice.

What esc are you using? many cant handle under 15t.
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If your stuck on brushed motors can I recommend a rebuildable brushed motor. The brushes will wear out pretty quickly especially if using lipo batteries. I've had both the Titan 12t and the HPI firebolt 15t. The Titan seems to be a more robust motor with better torq and top speed in my Blitz. I used the Titan motor with the stock ESC that came in my Blitz with no problem. And yes the Firebolt crapped out on me within 15 battery packs. If you go with the Titan 12t, PEP Boys automotive stores carries some Traxxas parts and usually have the Titan 12t in stock for about $25-$30. I asked a similar question back before I upgraded to brushless and one response I got was the Trinity Komodo motor. Was one of the Top Dog brushed motors back in the day.
I found one on Ebay

You may also want to look up water break-in for brushed motors on Youtube. I've done this to several brushed motors with great results.

But for ease of use, power, and motor longetivity I highly recommend you make the switch to Brushless (unless this is all for some sort of stock spec class). You can go with a name brand esc and motor combo for right at $100 and go Chinese for right at $80 shipped

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Hey thanks for the input. When using the stock esc with the Titan what was your gearing? Thanks!
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I just put an order in for a Orion Method 17t motor, should be here this weekend, Its going into a slash, Im gona keep it geared pretty low tho, due to the fact that I have back luck with Brushed motors as of lately, I think companies are getting out of Brushed all together and not paying any attention to the quality of motor that is being shipped out.

iv burnt up 3 traxxas titan 12t motors with stock gearing. seem to do good for about a month and then JUNK. so

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Originally Posted by Twiztid Metal View Post
Iiv burnt up 3 traxxas titan 12t motors with stock gearing. seem to do good for about a month and then JUNK. so

stock gearing is pretty much maxing it out to begin with
and silver can motors aren't supposed to last forever (especially running lipos), a month is probably normal (for a motor you can't replace or maintain the brushes). the idea is they're cheap and readily replaceable.
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reedy 17t open end bell brushed all the way

they last forever and are rebuildable

im not much of an AE fan either...

had firebolt and titan and the 17t is as fast or faster with better temps than both the 15t fire and 12t titan
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I would contact Mr Johnrob Holmes from Holmes Hobbies and get yourself a custom hand wound motor. Much better build quality than any over the counter motor.


Known mostly for his crawler motors, Johnrob can build you any kind of motor you wish.
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Or Eddy over at Team Brood. He used to build motors back before brushless, I'm sure he has some stuff sitting around that he could build into a crazy short course motor.

Although, a nice hand wound motor costs almost as much as a decent brushless motor...Why stay brushed? It doesnt make too much sense in SC, they require constant rebuilding and cleaning vs. brushless that doesnt require much.
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